It is important to treat your lawn throughout the year. We stock specialised products to assist with this task. 

In spring it is important to kill moss, rake out dead grass and pre treat the lawn prior to the growing season. Brands such as Scotts Evergreen and Westland offer great products including all-in-one Lawn Feed, Weed and Mosskillers or individual products designed specifically to deal with a single problem. Spring is also the time to overseed grass with products such as Patch Magic to fill in holes and bare patches.

In Summer, use products like Westland Aftercut after cutting to keep your grass healthy and green.

Single lawn weedkillers should also be applied in Summer should weeds emerge. In Autumn, lawns should be scarified, raked and aerated to allow air to circulate through winter thus improving the root system. Lawns should also be treated with Autumn lawn Food & Mosskiller.

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